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  • ICAincentives.com - The only Global Incentive Deal Database
  • ICAincentives.com - The only Global Incentive Deal Database
  • ICAincentives.com - The only Global Incentive Deal Database
  • ICAincentives.com - The only Global Incentive Deal Database
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All types of fiscal incentives offered to companies to establish new operations or to expand an existing operation are included. To be included, the investment project must create new employment/retain existing and involve a certain amount of capital investment. The main types of incentives recorded are: Tax Rebate, Grant or Subsidy, Loan or Credit, and Non-Financial incentives, such as infrastructure development. Incentive packages offered but not accepted by a company and those which were subjected to clawbacks are included.

For each deal a description of the incentive package is provided together with a general overview of the investment project. Key information is collected on the company making the investment, the sector, activity, and location of the investment at country, state, and city level. The financial value of the incentives awarded is provided together with the job creation and/or capital investment being made by the company. In ICAincentives v2.0, launched in April 2012, the incentive program and focus is also provided alongside aweb link for further information.

We do not include: incentives awarded to universities or colleges, projects where there is no job creation (for example, upgrading technology/equipment, environmental improvement projects etc),incentives purely for R&D purposes and aid provided forrestructuring, recovery or rescue.

We have incentive deals dating back to 2010. While the focus is on real-time information, we also ensure that as older data is released it is timely updated to the database giving a true reflection of incentives on offer.

Our team of analysts screen over 20,000 corporate, media and EDO sources in multiple languages, on a daily basis to identify relevant deals.

The ICAincentives database is updated in real-time by our in-house team of multilingual analysts.The weekly e-newswire service also allows customers to keep up-to-date with the latest deals.

No, we do not have 100% as we feel that this would be impossible although we feel that we are tracking a large proportion of incentives being awarded. ICAincentives is the most comprehensive database of incentives deals available with most of the major deals captured in North America with a large number of site selection companies subscribing to the tool. While every attempt is made to identify incentives deals on a comprehensive basis we do not claim to capture every incentive deal due the non-disclosure of incentives being awarded by governments.

The main focus is on North America, Europe and Australia, but we increasingly cover emerging economies. Coverage is dependent on the transparency of the local, state or national governments. ICAincentives is the most comprehensive database of incentives deals available with a high percentage of major deals captured.

Our focus is on major funding deals; however incentive packages of all sizes are tracked.

In 2012 the ICAincentives research team completed a study on the transparency of incentives programs within the US using government and Economic Development Agencies websites. The results highlight the number of states that still do not release exact incentive information. The states where our coverage is low is a direct reflection of their non- disclosure. These are constantly monitored for updates.

The data is downloaded into Microsoft Excel containingidentical data fields. This allows clients to conduct their own analysis.

Yes. The database has filteringoptions on: incentive type, industry, country (of origin of firm), name of company, deal value. Any of our data used in a bespoke report must be attributed to ICAincentives.

ICAincentives v2.0 was launched in April 2012. New features and functions include: more detailed information on incentive programs; more powerful search and filtering functionality to quickly drill down to deals in specific industries and locations or those awarded to a specific company; a new Rankings moduleproviding detailed analysis of the incentives awarded in different locations and industries, including ranking of the incentives programs awarded the most deals.

Our in-house industry classifications are made up of a simplified amalgamation of international industry standards – ie NAICS, SIC, NACE codes – in order for the ICAincentives database to be globally applicable.  The database aims to focus on the actual deal info rather than any analysis of industries.We look at each deal on a case by case basis in order to pinpoint the best fit for our classifications.

The information is accessed through an annual subscription to www.icaincentives.com. Subscribers are issued with a user name and password to login to the web-based application. ICAincentives utilizes mapping technology to enable subscribers to search for incentives information and to analyze the incentives being awarded. Unlimited Excel downloads of ALL incentives deals and an e-newswire isincluded in the subscription.

Full training, customer and technical support are provided throughout the subscription. ICAincentives is a highly intuitive, easy-to-use tool, so training needs are minimal. A dedicated account manager is appointed to each client to support their use of ICAincentives database.

ICAincentives has been designed around the needs of the inward investment community. The largest client segment is site selection and consulting companies who use the database to advise their corporate clients on where to invest, followed by EDOs/IPAs and major corporations.

Corporates can use ICAincentives by analyzing which of their peers received incentives for what type of investments and which regions and countries offer attractive incentive packages and programs. Rather than showing generally what is available in terms of investment incentives, ICAincentives shows which company has received/ been offered what package for which investment.

ICAincentives is developed by a team of experts in the field of corporate location advisory, SCM and incentive strategies as well as economic development strategies to attract FDI. For more information regarding our advisory services please visit Investment Consulting Associates – ICA’s website: www.ic-associates.com

Yes, ICA has also develop a global location benchmarking portal www.locationselector.com